Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Christmas challenge day 8

Hello hello hello! how are you today! Not much going on right now, we did a Christmas activity today with the kids in my mom's daycare, yesterday we made salt dough 'cookies', now today we're painting them and then tomorrow we'll put 'em up on the 'daycare' tree in the basement. The kids are so cute! :) Anyways! now to continue the Christmas challenge!


                                                        8. Do you believe in Santa?
                      Um..well my whole life I was taught he wasn't real, but last year I thought it
       wouldn't hurt to pretend that I did. :) I always wanted to when I was little though, like I missed out on a bit of my childhood not being able to write to him or sit on his lap, but other than that I'm okay :) right? XD

So yeah...I guess that's it for now! And......MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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