Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Haul 2015!

Hey everyone! Did ya have a good Christmas?! Well I did! I thought I'd make follow the trend of making a 'Christmas haul' post!
Disclaimer: I'm not trying to show off what I got, I'm not trying to be selfish or prideful or anything like that. I just make a post about it....
Now lets go! (BTW-I do not own these pictures, they belong to the store website and the internet)

Monster high Isi dawndancer (from my aunts)
Ever After High Spring Unsprung Cerise Hood Doll
Ever after high Spring unsprung Cerise hood (from my sister Emma :)
Ever After High Poppy O'Hair Fairest on Ice
Ever after high fairest on ice Poppy O'hair (from my mom)

Ever after high through the woods Ashlynn Ella (also from my mom)
Disney Infinity 3.0 Ezra Bridger game-piece figure (from my mom)

Ninja throwing stars (real ones :) (From my dad) pic of this soon!

A HUGE camo rucksack <3 (from my dad) pic of this soon!

a black neoprene mask fit for all weather (from my dad) pic of this soon!

A Harry Potter beanie (my oldest sister)

A Harry Potter funko pop! (from my oldest sister)
Mickey Mouse ''Tsum Tsum'' Plush - Mini - 3 1/2''
A Mickey mouse (mini) Tsum tsum (from my older sister) (Mine wasn't winking though :)

A pair of gray and coral running shoes (from my grandma) (I'll get a pic of this soon!)

A gray and coral active-wear hoodie (from my grandma) pic of this soon!

Shopkins! (from my littlest sister, my little brother, my mom, and my grandma!) pic of this soon!

Lots of Karaoke music (from my older brother) pic of this soon!

Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii (from my mom) pic of this soon!

The homelanders books (from my mom) pic of this soon!

A Nerf gun (I'm going to try to paint it to make it look old and rusty :) (from my mom)

a pair of leg brace thingys (like the ones Envy from full metal alchemist, (he was the ONLY person I know of besides wrath that I've seen wear those..I love 'em! (And they are from my grandma) pic of this soon!

Jewelry (from my youngest sister that she made ) pic of this soon!

Perfume (I'll probably wear it when I'm older :) (from my aunts) pic of this soon!

a black pencil case (from my aunts) pic of this soon!

chalk pastels (from my younger brother) pic of this soon!

So Yeah..That's my haul! What do you think? What'd you get for Christmas?
Thanks for reading!

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