Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Christmas Challenge Day 9

Hello! Today we did another project with our daycare kids! We used yarn and cereal to make a fruit loops cereal garland for the tree! It was really fun! Last night I also worked on my Christmas list for my mom and finished it! (Shocker :) My other two sisters haven't finished yet, But they should hurry don't you think? :)
Anyways!!! Now for..Yup you guessed it; The Christmas Challenge day 9!!!!!


                                          9. Elves or Reindeer? Why?
                Hmm....I like both, Maybe reindeer...Yeah I choose Reindeer, because it depends on what type of elf we're talking about :) I like fantasy elves a bit better than short Santa elves (No offense Elves!!!!!)

So...What are your plans for Christmas?
Well I guess I'll see you later! Merry Christmas!

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