Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Christmas Challenge day 20!

Ahh!!!! Christmas has really snuck upon us this year! Am I right? So so so...What was I gonna say again?..Oh yeah it's in the post title...DUH......Anyways! Tonight I shall do the Christmas Challenge day 20!

20. What's on your wishlist this year?
Well...I don't have pictures but here goes!
-A Bo-staff
-The homelanders books by Andrew Klavan
-Nightmare city by Andrew Klavan
-Super Mario galaxy 2 (yes..I love that much!)
-Disney infinity 3.0 Ezra Bridger game-piece-figure-thingy :)
-coral and gray running shoes
-Anything ever after high!
-Monster high Isi dawndancer doll
So..yeah it's a lot but they wanted a variety (and there's more where that came from :)

Well thanks for reading! Have any of you seen the new star wars movie yet? If so tell me all about it in the comments (no spoilers though please! :) And 5 days till Christmas!


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