Wednesday, December 23, 2015


AHHH!!! Oh my goodness! Tomorrow is Christmas eve! and the day after that is Christmas! Tomorrow is my last day of the Christmas Challenge!!!!! I can't believe it's already here! Are you excited? I'm very very very very VERY excited! Yes yes yes yes yes! (you're probably like; Addy is going CRAZY! She needs help! :) That, my friend is because I am (as my dad calls it) a Christmas freak! And though I sound crazy! It's okay to be a Christmas freak, where you want everyone to be happy, be pumped up and such! Besides..It's Jesus's birthday! And that's why I'm gonna be even crazier! I'm excited! And I hope you are too! (I also hope I didn't scare you of the face of my blog! :)
So so so so! yay!!!!! I think I should do the Christmas challenge now!


                    23. Did you decorate your room? Share a picture!
                   Um..I'm not gonna be able to (sorry!) maybe like after Christmas? Sorry about that...

Well....tomorrow is the last day of the Christmas Challenge..:( so far it's been fun! Well thanks for taking the time to read this! Merry Christmas!

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