Monday, December 21, 2015

The Christmas Challenge day 21

Hello! How was your day? Mine was busy busy busy! I've been baking Christmas foods, while my older sisters wrap and now I have to find some nice clothes for me and my siblings to wear to a Christmas buffet on Christmas day! so yeah..pretty busy.

So I also must do today's Christmas challenge and we are on day 21!


    21. Candy canes-yay or nay? Why?
   YAY!!!! Because I love ANYTHING mint as long as it doesn't have coconut (yuck) and candy canes are peppermint which makes it even better! (though I honestly don't know what the difference is) So yeah I love candy canes! And I can't wait to have more!!!! BTW- interesting fact :) Every time I eat or drink something mint..I sneeze sometimes like..three times! And it's so funny because my sister Emma knows whenever I sneeze :) Don't know why I do but yeah....Oh yeah! 4 days till Christmas!

Well thanks for reading!!!! and merry Christmas!

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